Meet The Team


Jo Chapman

I want to create places where people can do their best work, so I work with organisations, teams and individuals to understand current dynamics, then design and deliver interventions to shift thinking and how things get done. My background is across Finance, Commercial and Organisational Development and I've managed large change and transformation programmes across complex structures. I love joining the dots across Strategy, Purpose, Brand, linking to employee and customer experience. 

I have an MSc in Organisational Change from Ashridge Business School and enjoy turning  the latest academic thinking into practical application.


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Claire Chambers

My background is marketing and strategy which is where I became passionate about how businesses need to organise themselves around the customer, which led me into focusing on the role of employees, leaders and processes in delivering brilliantly for customers.

Having spent all my professional career in the financial services and utilities / energy sector I have seen many times how a change in mindset can unlock so much potential not only in employee engagement but also business & customer value.


I’m passionate about helping leaders and teams explore new ways of working. Whether that’s through a systems thinking approach, enabling them to see their business & processes through a new lens or coaching to take brave steps to test and learn new ideas.


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