Organisations are constantly changing; from large transformations to small scale ideas. And we know it’s not always easy to get it right.


Our passion is to help organisations to become the best they can be, aligning leaders and engaging employees to create a shared direction. To create something everyone feels part of; that they truly own.



A strong culture can be your north star, it can be your differentiator. We can help you nurture and develop your culture so that it works for you and not against you.

  • Culture Assessment. We work with you to help you understand your current culture – to find out “what’s really going on”. 

  • Culture Transformation. Working closely with you we develop a set of actions and initiatives that can quickly start to shift your culture. 

  • Culture Networks. Creating involvement strategies to ensure real ownership of the cultural journey and to upskill your people to hold the space. 

  • Culture measurement. Identifying outcomes and measures that enables you to see how you are progressing.

  • Becoming purpose-led. We work with you and your people to create something meaningful and that is distinctively yours. Something that resonates and improves decision-making and connection.


  • Values development. Alongside your purpose, values of are as important. They are the guiding light on the right behaviours that set you apart. We can help you develop, review  and embed values into your organisation. 


  • Strategic narrative and story-telling. Everyone knows the power of a good story. We can help you create a powerful narrative for your organisation and bring that to life. Something that helps your leaders make sense of your strategy and vision, something to hang all your communications from. 


Now more than ever organisations are recognising the importance of having a meaningful purpose as a way to engage their employees and customers. 



Do you have the hearts and minds of your leaders? Are they all aligned behind the same cause? Do they work together and collaborate? Too often organisations forget the importance of leadership readiness when they’re approach transformations, culture change or strategic shifts in direction. 

  • Leadership alignment. We can create the right interventions and conversations to help your leaders align. Whether that’s for exec teams, wider leadership teams or middle management. We help to shift mindsets and behaviours to ensure leaders are better placed to work together and to lead effectively. 


  • Powerful conversations. Sometimes all it needs is the right conversation to happen but often what needs to be said is never said! We facilitate conversations across small teams, across leadership groups or across an entire conversation to help organisations learn and grow.


  • Manager development. So often we expect people to just be able to lead, and when those individuals struggle we blame them. We love to help managers step up into leadership roles with coaching, development support and programmes.

  • Change communications and interventions. We can help you create a change narrative, a clear empathetic process for communicating that change and we can craft the communications. We understand the impact of change and we work hard to build in the needs of people, their emotions and feelings. 


  • Leadership and manager readiness. The roles of leaders in sharing change is critical. We can support leaders with coaching, training and support to ensure they are aligned, able to face into tough messages and equipped to do that empathetically.


  • Team start-up. Often a forgotten area but after a re-organisation or integration new teams emerge. We can run some simple and effective team start up processes that enable leaders and their new teams hit the ground running. 


If you’ve come to the tough decision that you need to re-organise then we can help. Our focus is in helping organisations to create processes that have empathy and that pay as much attention to the journey and how people feel as they do at standing up a new structure. 



Many organisations are recognising that the experience of their people is as important as the customer experience. In fact many studies show that a highly engaged workforce correlates with highly satisfied customers. 

  • Engagement and communications. We can help you create an engagement strategy, rooted in insight, with clear sets of actions and interventions. 


  • Employee experience. We have a process to map out employee experience journeys so that you can identify pinch points and gaps. Involving your people to share their experiences and to build new journeys.


  • Employee value proposition. Do you know your employee value proposition? Does it reflect your brand and your strategy? Do you know why people come to work for you, why they stay and why they leave? We can help you review all of that and build a clear future offering by employee segment.




"Thank you so much for yesterday, there was so much richness in the content that I know we will come back to.  You fitted into the team perfectly- which isn’t easy!!"


"I wanted to thank you for showing courage and inspiration in asking tricky questions  at our MT event and also keeping us on track as a bunch of unwieldy cultural activists! You are making a difference to me and others - Thank you." 


"You were fab today, thank you again!
Hope you found it interesting - you gently got right to the heart of the matter at many moments thru the afternoon. Really helpful for us."