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Whether you feel your team could be more effective or want to support their personal growth, we’re here to help you discover their true potential and passions.

Coaching with us will help uncover the full power of your people through either a large culture change or as stand-alone team or individual programme, get in touch to see how we can help:

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team coaching

1-2-1 coaching

Sometimes all it needs is the right conversation to happen but often what needs to be said is never said! We create the space for a different way of thinking and for that conversation to happen, helping motivate and support the team.

We design and facilitate bespoke conversations and programmes to help teams break-through whatever may be holding them back, to be their very best. Providing the insights, clarity, direction and courage for them to move forward. 

Individual coaching has been proven time and time again to improve quality of thinking and performance. Our coaching approach is transformational, open, and non-judgemental. We believe that the power is within every individual to shine. We don't provide the answers, we create the environment for individuals to think for themselves and take action to fulfil their true potential.

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team effectiveness


Following a long period of organisational re-organisation, new teams were formed.

New teams needed to gel quickly, build relationships, agree on purpose and deliver high performance.  

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our solution

We developed a two-day offsite programme focused on high performing teams. Designed around the themes of Relationships, Leadership and Purpose, we facilitated conversations and exercises to shift thinking and create connection. We carried out 1-2-1’s prior to the sessions to gain context and understand what was really happening within the teams which then gave us insight into areas that needed work and what the “Stinky Rhino’s”* were.
*Stinky Rhino – those things that go unsaid. No one mentions the stinky rhino…. 

the outcome

Safe space to share experiences, motivations and goals 

Deep, shared  understanding of the dynamics of the team 

Clarity of interdependencies, roles and team vision

Participants reported better communication across the team

Significantly better working relationships

“You were fab today, thank you again!
Hope you found it interesting - you gently got right to the heart of the matter at many moments through the afternoon. Really helpful for us.”


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