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employee engagement & communication

From identifying pinch points in the employee journey to developing your employee value proposition, we can help you develop strategies which are rooted in insight and deliver long term improvements in engagement. 

Whether you want to revamp your employee value proposition, integrate brand with culture or tell a more joined up story get in touch to see how we can help:


employee value proposition

employee experience

brand & people integration

engagement & communication strategy 

Do you know your employee value proposition?

Does it reflect your brand and your strategy?

Do you know why people come to work for you, why they stay and why they leave?

We can help you review all of that and build a clear future offering by employee segment. 

We have a process to map out employee experience journeys so that you can identify pinch points and gaps. Involving your people to share their experiences and to build new journeys.

Brand and Employee experience are inextricably linked – your people bring your brand to life! We can integrate and align your brand and employee experience by involving your people to deliver your brand outcomes. 

We can help you make sense of your people surveys to ensure you're focused on the things that matter and make a difference. We can help you structure your transformation activities in a way to help tell a more joined up story for your people.

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tapping into purpose


The UK’s leading specialist warranty provider asked themselves, ‘What do we stand for?’.


They wanted a new culture blueprint to highlighted how unique they are, aligned their people towards a common goal and put their customer at the heart of everything they do.

Image by Timon Studler

our solution

Working closely with the HR Director and Marketing team, we engaged the business through a series of workshops, focus groups and colleague feedback. We helped them establish new company values and a defined purpose and mission statement that brings direction and consistency, helping their people to understand the role they play and define what D&G stands for. 

Together, we co-created a blueprint that was more than just words on a page, but rather an identity, personality, and the DNA of the company.

the outcome

A purpose statement that defines what D&G stands for and the role they play 

Aspirational values that set clear expectations

Behaviours that shift from good to great, galvanising people to develop the company culture

“As we evolve through our five-year business plan, having a strong company culture is critical. Our business is digitalising, with a modern way of working and an exciting real estate strategy. With this business evolution in mind, it was the right time to ensure our company culture remained relevant to everyone. I am personally very proud of our culture blueprint, which embodies who we are, what we believe in and connects our colleagues through modern values. Our people have embraced our new values and continue to build them into everything they do.


strategy roadshows

Engaging 2,000 middle managers in a new strategy and culture to enable them to facilitate engaging conversations with their 25,000 employees


our solution

We designed a one-day workshop that enabled leaders to explore and discuss the new strategy and understand their role in that, rather than the usual 'death by powerpoint' events that had previously been the norm.

To help them get underneath the 'why' and to be able to re-create the same conversations with their teams. Supported with a toolkit of materials for them each to use.

Designed to be repeated 20 times with a range of different senior leaders leading the conversations. Creation of three speaker parts to ensure consistency.

'Train the trainer' sessions held to ensure all senior leaders involved were fully up to speed and prepared on content but also style and delivery.

the outcome

Created safe spaces to discuss and engage middle managers, to help them 'make meaning'

Created the opportunity for senior leaders to role model and to be seen in a more empathetic, engaging way

Created connections across the organisation, bringing managers together who wouldn't usually be connected

Successful rollout of the strategy that created alignment across the organisation 

“It's the first time I've been to a leadership event where we were not just talked at. We were able to explore the content, make sense of it and share our thoughts.” 


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