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culture change

We passionately believe that with curiosity and an open mind, combined with thoughtful disruption you can deliver real change.

We help you work out what's going on with your culture. What's working for you and what's working against you. (We can also help you articulate the culture you're aiming for, if you haven't done that yet!)


Whether your culture no longer working for you, you're transforming, re-organising or merging, get in touch to see how we can help:


culture assessment & change

reorganisation or transformation support

purpose & values


We work with you to help you understand your current culture – to understand “what’s really going on”. Helping you to identify the gap between your desired culture and where you are today. Working closely with you we develop a set of actions and initiatives that can quickly start to shift your culture. We devise a set of initiatives that are tailored to what your culture needs at that point in time. 

All too often the people element of reorganisations or mergers/acquisitions are forgotten or left until the very end of the process. We help you pay attention to the cultural elements of change - behaviours, symbols, engagement, alignment and empathy. 

We work with you and your people to create something meaningful and distinctively yours. Something that resonates with everyone and allows them to improve their decision-making and their connection to your business. Alongside your purpose the values of your organisation are the guiding light on the right behaviours that set you apart. 

Creating networks of change agents and  involvement strategies to ensure real ownership of the cultural journey. Upskilling your people to hold the space, experiment and bring about real change across your organisation. Helping to create bottom-up advocacy and a movement to help shift your culture.

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where are we now and where are we going?

Image by John Schnobrich

In light of a re-brand and new business strategy our client felt that there were some traits in their culture that were holding them back, stopping them from embodying the new brand they were evolving into. 


We were asked to help them understand their current culture in terms of blockers and enablers to delivering on the new strategy and to define their organiational culture priorities.

our solution

We worked closely with the Organisational Development Lead to design a programme that included interactive workshops, interviews and analysis of processes and documentation to clearly articulate current culture and tangible evidence of that. We engaged a cross section of the organisation to ensure voices were heard and upskilled key team members to facilitate sessions and assess culture drivers. 

Alongside the core internal team we produced a clear articulation of the current cultures, what would enable a shift and what was holding them back. 

Working with a subset of the senior leadership team we focused on surfacing tensions, areas of alignment, gap analysis and creation of future outcomes.

the outcome

A series of open conversations on what was working and what wasn’t

Robust evidence and experience-based articulation of current cultures 

Shift from silo’d departmental thinking to organisational thinking and discussion 

Collective understanding of existing cultures and collective agreement on what was needed 

Engaged and empowered teams and networks 

Upskilling of key individuals in facilitation skills and understanding of culture drivers 

“For me personally it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you over the past year. And from the organisation’s perspective, I’ve had nothing but glowing feedback on the work you’ve done with us – so thank you!.”


understanding DNA

The new KPMG Islands Group (KIG) CEO and team wanted to understand what colleagues felt about how the culture and employee experience contributed to their market success.

Marketing and HR teams wanted support to understand the KIG DNA in a fast, effective way, so they could build on this going forward and really look after the parts of their culture that make them unique.

Image by Sean Pollock

our solution

We worked closely with the marketing team and CEO to develop an colleague survey designed around employee demographics, culture, behaviours and environment, to get underneath the drivers of success. 

The KIG team managed the survey in-house and we worked together to develop immediate actions based on results.

the outcome

Independent and cost effective solution to test assumptions

Deeper understanding of people’s views and experiences, and what matters

Practical  actions eg:  Increased communications, career path development 

Relevant and timely input to provide proof points for their new Employee Value Proposition

“Curious Jellyfish know how to ask the right questions to get to the heart of the culture.”

Image by František G.


re-connecting with a start-up spirit


This tech start up was in rapid growth phase and about to complete an acquisition.


The Exec team felt that they had started to lose some of their start up spirit that had served them well over the years. They wanted help to tap into what had made them successful, what else they needed to pay attention to, and what to hold onto, as they moved into their next phase of growth.

Business Conference

our solution

We formed a core project team with three employees that represented a good cross section of the organisation. We upskilled them to support the programme, increasing their curiosity, observation and listening skills.


We designed and led a series of workshops and interviews alongside supporting the rest of the core team to lead their other colleagues through a series of conversations. These were attended by a mixture of nationalities. 

Pulling out key themes, we recognised a different employee experience depending on when colleagues had joined the organisation, as well as a distinct “spirit”. We distilled a sense of the start up spirit and with the core team recommended actions to nurture and evolve that. 

Throughout this process we had regular 121s with the CEO and updates with the leadership team. 

the outcome

Created safe spaces to discuss the here and now even when uncomfortable 

Shift from silo’d departmental thinking to organisational thinking and discussion 

Collective understanding of cultures that exists 

Engaged and empowered teams and networks 

Clear culture plan with priorities and activities to pursue


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