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From facilitating conversations, to developing your leadership teams, we create powerful interventions and conversations to surface tensions, create alignment and ownership. 

We will work with you to shift mindsets and behaviours and enable your leaders to be their best.


Whether you feel your team could be more effective or you want to develop capability, get in touch to see how we can help:


leadership alignment

leadership development


At the heart of a strong culture is an aligned and energised leadership team. One that is in tune with their organisation, aware of what's working and what isn't and understanding the role they need to play. We work with leadership teams to surface tensions, create the space to really see what's going on and align around what is needed.

We support capability development of leaders and leadership teams in the space of culture change, employee engagement and communications to ensure they can play their full part in supporting and delivering culture change. Using a range of coaching tools and team dynamics.

Events are a moment in time, an opportunity to gather together the people that make your business special. We can help design and run powerful events to ensure your team leave the sessions engaged, empowered and ready to deliver.

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team alignment


The client was shifting from a construction focus to a service focus, this resulted in a strategy refresh and re-brand. The executive team had recently changed with new members. 


The team needed to align on the culture they were trying to create in order to share consistent messages and behaviours across the organisation. 

Business Meeting

our solution

We designed and delivered two half day virtual workshops using input from across the organisation. We delved into what people really thought, the impacts of actions and held the mirror up in terms of stories and assumptions that pervaded the organisation. 

Working closely with a subset of the group we developed themes, thinking and actions. 

Output was used as part of a senior leadership event and provided the bedrock of communications from the team. 

the outcome

Understanding of what's gone before 

Light bulb moments for the leadership team 

Personal accountability and commitment 

Collective accountability and commitment 

Alignment and understanding on way forward 

Ownership of the way forward 


Image by František G.


leadership development “in the work”

Collaborating at Work

As part of the overall culture change plan for a leading utility company we wanted to ensure that leaders didn’t separate their development from their day-to-day work which can often happen with formal, offsite training.

our solution

We developed and facilitated a programme of action learning sets with the senior leadership team of c40 people. 

Action Learning is when a group of people within a workplace meet with the specific intention of solving workplace problems. The main aim of an action learning set is to come away with a set of practical actions that will help to solve the issues at hand. These sessions require skilled facilitation to manage conversation and output.

We facilitated 4 groups regularly over a period of 10 months. 

the outcome

Created safe spaces to discuss and gain input on challenges from colleagues 

Improved questioning, listening and reflection skills 

Improved cross functional collaboration and relationships 

Practical steps to resolve real business issues 

“It was so helpful being able to bring real problems to discuss with colleagues in a structured, supportive environment.” 


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