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  • Claire Chambers

Are you leaving spooky, ghoulish things in your leadership shadow?

It seems fitting on Halloween to think about the shadows we all leave behind, sometimes they are positive and sometimes they can be damn right scary!

The concept of organisations being shadows of their leaders has been around since the 1970s, but it still applies today. And we think it’s a great way to think about your own leadership and the impact it can have on the culture in your organisation.

The people who work for us look to us to set the tone, copy our approach, use our language, repeat our patterns. All our actions leave a mark, whether they be positive or negative.

We love this quote, and it’s one to think about in your everyday actions:

“All leaders cast a shadow. The question is whether yours is blocking the sun, or inspiring others with its silhouette to strive for more”.

Brad Smith, president and CEO of Intuit

Are you casting light and creating a positive environment for people to learn from, to build from, to be inspired by? Or are you sometimes creating darkness leading to fear, insecurity, lack of teamwork, negative language etc?

Shadow Art By Fabrizio Corneli - No canvas, no paintbrush... just light!

Leaders can never be perfect, we’re human after all, but perhaps use this Halloween to take a closer look at the shadow you’re leaving behind…. could you be casting more light than shade? What can you tweak to role model the behaviours and culture you want to see reflected back?

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