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  • Jo Chapman

Why culture matters now more than ever...

All too often culture is placed in the hands of HR with the phrase – “sort out our culture will you”. This can no longer be the case. Culture is everyone’s responsibility. It’s created in the patterns of interaction we all have.

Over the past few months the way we work and how we live has been turned upside down (I refuse to use the word unprecedented….), with people being furloughed, working from home, separated from those they love the most. Our normal patterns have been disrupted; we’ve mourned how the world used to be before everything changed. We’ve created new patterns out of necessity.

Many, many organisations are amazing during a crisis – it galvanises people and things get done that weren’t thought possible. In a previous role this was definitely the case, we loved a fire, we’d rally round focused on one thing, blockers were removed, people collaborated, the problem was solved. One thing we always tried to answer was – how do we bottle that, so it doesn’t take a crisis to be at our best?

We’re coming through a crisis now; many companies have moved passed panic mode and into a more stable period. Let’s pay attention so we can keep the best of what we’ve been through.

How do we not let our previous patterns return?

For me it starts with slowing down to speed up. Pausing to reflect for a moment or two.

This will help with Awareness – what is it that’s changed? Specifically. What’s worked well and set you on a new path? What behaviours have you seen that you want to see more of? What have you done personally to amplify those behaviours?

How do we want to be going forward? Set your Intention. Be clear on what’s ok and not ok.

Ensure everyone is Aligned. If teams aren’t aligned with how they want to progress, they’ll be mixed signals, crossed wires and conflict.

If needed Disrupt the system. What are the symbols of the old ways that you could shatter? What language are you now using?

If you’d like an informal chat (no strings!) about bottling the culture, please do drop us a note, we’d love to connect:


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